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update the massupdate options dropdown to not include options?

Question asked by David Matrai on Nov 27, 2018
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So I am trying to setup the massupdate feature in a certain module (opportunities) so that when "Sales Stage" is Selected -- the option of  "Closed Lost" does not appear as a selection.


I have managed to pinpoint the Select Element "sales_stage" and have updated the options associated but yet the drop is still there.


I created this function that I call before render hoping it will alter the list options.


manipulateDrop: function() {
   var salesdrop = app.lang.getAppListStrings('sales_stage_dom');
   if (salesdrop[key] === "Closed Lost") {
      delete salesdrop[key];
this.model.fields['sales_stage'].options = salesdrop;


On the page I inspect and see that the select dropdown options do not contain the "closed Lost" option yet it is still there. 


Does anyone have an idea as to why i cant hide this via the JS?