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Audit log does not show a log entry for changes on an audited relate field's on Sugar 8.0.1

Question asked by Victoria Askham on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Matt Marum



We have upgraded to Sugar 8.0.1 on our test platform. 

As part of our testing we check whether certain fields are "Audited". We have identified that our existing audited relate fields are no longer showing any audit log entries in the UI. (These audited relate fields was working in the Sugar 7.9.4 instance.)


Initially this was thought to be because of the way we applied our custom relate fields without Studio. ( Please see example below, we marked the relate field as the audited.)

'stage1_approver_id'                       => array(
    'name'            => 'stage1_approver_id',
    'rname'           => 'user_name',
    'id_name'         => 'stage1_approver_id',
    'vname'           => 'LBL_STAGE1_APPROVER_ID',
    'type'            => 'id',
    'table'           => 'users',
    'module'          => 'Users',
    'reportable'      => false,
    'isnull'          => 'true',
    'dbType'          => 'id',
    'duplicate_merge' => 'disabled',
    'massupdate'      => false,
'stage1_approver_name'                     => array(
    'audited'         => true,
    'name'            => 'stage1_approver_name',
    'required'        => true,
    'link'            => 'stage1_approver_link',
    'vname'           => 'LBL_STAGE1_APPROVER',
    'rname'           => 'name',
    'type'            => 'relate',
    'reportable'      => false,
    'source'          => 'non-db',
    'table'           => 'users',
    'id_name'         => 'stage1_approver_id',
    'module'          => 'Users',
    'duplicate_merge' => 'disabled',
    'studio'          => 'visible',
'stage1_approver_link'                     => array(
    'name'         => 'stage1_approver_link',
    'type'         => 'link',
    'relationship' => 'emis_internalorders_stage1_approver',
    'vname'        => 'LBL_STAGE1_APPROVER_LINK',
    'link_type'    => 'one',
    'module'       => 'Users',
    'bean_name'    => 'User',
    'source'       => 'non-db',
    'rname'        => 'user_name',
    'id_name'      => 'stage1_approver_id',
    'table'        => 'users',

We then set the ID field Audited, but this only showed an audited log entry for the IDs (the GUIDS).


However we have identified this applies to other relate fields including studio built ones in the majority of modules if not all.


We created a custom relate field using the studio in one of the modules.

Ticked the "Audit" checkbox.

When we we edited the field multiple times, no audit log entries appeared, though the field was highlighted as being audited in the bottom pane of the "Audit Log".


I then checked SugarCRM 8.0.1 Vanilla (This is a sugar instance with no customisations) this also did not appear to audit relate fields. e.g;

  •  Opportunities -> change the Account relate field on an existing record. This was not logged.
  • Cases -> change the Account relate field on an existing record. This was not logged.

Though on both it states the Account ID is "audited".


Is this a know issue?

Wondered someone could advise?