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Update a Case based on a Bug Status using Advanced Workflow

Question asked by Greg Barrass on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by Rosaalie Shah

We are trying to gradually migrate across to Advanced Workflow, so I decided to try Advanced Workflow on this requirement instead of using the existing Workflow Module.


A bug has been worked on and the work completed and the Status changed to Closed. We want to update any Cases linked to that Bug and carry out the following:


1. Change the Status of the Case/s to a specific status

2. Advise the User/s assigned to the Case/s updated that they have been resolved

3. Advise Contacts linked to the Case/s that the bug has been resolved.


I hit a stumbling block at the first hurdle which surprised me and I am hoping it is my lack of knowledge.


The Process Definition has a Target Module of Bugs. 

Created a start event of Bug Status = Closed

Linked an Action to Update a field but when I tried to select the Cases Module I couldn't - only Bugs, Accounts, some User Links and I think from memory Opportunities.


Cases and Bugs have the standard many to many relationship so I am surprised I can't choose that module and select the field I want to update.


Am I doing something completely wrong - this seems to a pretty basic requirement.


Thanks in advance for any advice - we are not interested in 3rd party solutions.