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EditViewdefs file missing after upgrading to new version of SugarCRM

Question asked by Anubhav Jha on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Anubhav Jha

We were on version 7.x, we upgraded to version 8.x. If I go to the path 

custom/modules/<modulename >/metadata. I find that the file editviewdefs.php is missing.

I tried to go to the studio> ModuleName>layouts>save and deploy, it does not generate the editviewdefs.php file.

I also tried to copy the file from the directory

modules/<moduleName>/metadata , The custom javascript added does not work.

There is a backup file with extension suback.php.


Any thoughts over here. What is want to do is to write a custom javascript file for the module.