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Outgoing mail  in queue stucked even manually

Question asked by jlabuelo on Nov 8, 2018

Hello All

We are using SugarCRM community V 6.5.24 and we are having a problem with sending mails from campaigns that are stucked in the queue.

We have defined well the Schedulers and also the mail accounts, however when we try to send a "test" mail from the campaign only for 2 mail addresses, mails get stucked in the queue. Even when we try to send this two mails manually from the queue we just get the flag "In Process" set to active, but nothing gets send.


We have tried the Outgoing mail configuration, and from the admin configuration screen we are able to send test mails fine.

In the sugarcrm.log files nothing is shown and we do not see anything in the php_error logs either. In our previous version 6.5.10 it worked fine


What could be the reason for this behaviour?, any ideas?