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How to extend the recipients.js of Email module

Question asked by Alexandros Ntalagiannis on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Alexandros Ntalagiannis

Dear Sugar Community,


The file is located at : 'modules/Emails/clients/base/fields/recipients/recipients.js '. 

In this file there are many functions and i want to customize one of them. 

I tried to copy and paste the file in the custom folder, to the path of : custom/modules/Emails/clients/base/fields/recipients/recipients.js, modifying the function I want and it Worked. 

Although, I want to create a new class that  extend the recipients.js file and modify only the function I want rather than the whole file....

The purpose of this modyfication is to include the 'E-mail" with the 'name' of the pop up dropdown when you click the " To" field at the "Compose E-mail" view. 

 I use version 8.0 of SugarCRM, but I am testing it at version 7.9.

The first priority is to extend the class in custom...


Any help is appreciated!!!