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How do I add buttons to the tinymce editor when used on case description?

Question asked by Greg Mackey on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Greg Mackey

Hi I have amended the description field on a case so it supports HTML and the tinymce editor via adding the file \custom\Extension\modules\Cases\Ext\Vardefs\sym_descript_rich.php


$dictionary['Case']['fields']['description']['type'] = 'htmleditable_tinymce';
$dictionary['Case']['fields']['description']['dbType'] = 'longtext';

shot of descript field in cases

This works nicely but would be better if it had some of the same characteristics as the description box in the Knowledgebase article - namely
1. Larger Field height - ideally resizable (works the same way as the KB
2. the Button for inserting a hyperlink
3. the toolbar button for inserting a picture.

4. A "nice to have" would be the Clear formatting button.

Descript box in KB


Any help would be welcome.



Greg Mackey