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Searching for Custom Fields in the Cases module

Question asked by Jeff Skelton on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Jeff Skelton

Hello! I've recently been tasked with implementing the Cases module for my company, so I apologize as I am completely new to all of this. I am running into an issue with making fields searchable. I've added quite a few fields to use with the Cases module, some of which I have specifically set the "Full Text Searchable" option to "Searchable". This is including the default Work Log field as well. After configuring these for search, we added the Cases module to the Search Index and ran the re-index.


After configuring those fields for search and running the re-index, I am unable to search on them. From within the Cases module, I try using the Cases search bar and I am only able to search on the Subject (I renamed to Description) and the Case Number (I renamed to Ticket Number). In the search bar it only says "search by description, ticket number..."

The other thing that is perplexing to me is that I can select the Cases module from the global search bar, but I haven't been able to actually get any results from the global search. I've tried the Description, I've tried the Ticket Number, I've tried Accounts, Assigned Users, you name it, and nothing returns any results.


I feel like I have to be missing something somewhere, but I just don't know what or where to even begin looking. Any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated!