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Can't install SugarCRM Outlook Plugin (2.6.0) in silent mode

Question asked by Peter Liebhardt on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by B_Canales

I've made a script to install SugarCRM Outlook plugin and it's prerequisites which you can see below (I've removed all the change directories etc.)


dotNetFx451.exe /qn
vstor_redist.exe /qn
msiexec /i data.package.msi /q OFFICE_BITNESS=x86 ALLUSERS=1


Which doesn't work. However if I remove the /q after data.package.msi, then the installer window pops up and you can click through the installer without any issues (just clicking next) but you do have to manually select "I agree" to the Licence Agreement. 


My theory is that, if I change ALLUSERS to 0 or 1, then this is reflected in the installer when I click through (0= Just me, 1=Everyone) however I do not know the public property to agree to the Licence agreement, so when the installer is run with /q it fails as the licence agreement is not agreed to. Any validity to this?


Why would "msiexec /i data.package.msi OFFICE_BITNESS=x86 ALLUSERS=1" work with no issues, but when it's changed to "msiexec /i data.package.msi /q OFFICE_BITNESS=x86 ALLUSERS=1" it has no affect?


I would appreciate any help because this would allow us to deploy this without any user interaction.


Many Thanks