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Show text based on values of a list

Question asked by Yves B on Sep 26, 2018

Good afternoon,


I'm trying to see if I can do the following set up:


I understood how to link a list with a parent list etc. However I would like to do something slightly different:


Let say you have a drop down menu. When you select a value from this list I want a paragraph on this page to be displayed, this text are basically instructions. These instructions can be 10 lines longs, have bullet points etc. These instructions are display only and can't be edited by the user.


To summarize:


List A 
   - Value 1

   - Value 2

   - Value 3


If you select Value 1, Instructions 1 are displayed

If you select Value 2, Instructions 2 are displayed



Any idea if this possible, and if yes How?