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Integrating webapplication with SugarCRM+Java+Oauth2

Question asked by Santhosh Kumar on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by delsugar

I'm trying to integrating sugar CRM in my application using Java & Oauth2 to retrieve the contacts from the Sugar CRM. For that one, I need to register as a developer and need to register my application in their portal to get client_id and client_secret values.

I have gone through the sugar CRM developer website but unable to find the useful info.

Can anyone provide some guidelines for registering as a developer and to get client_id and client_secret values for my application?

Also in the documentation, they given The base endpoint for the REST service can be found at http://<site_url>/rest/v{version}/ But I couldn't find the value of <site_url>. Can anyone suggest to me the value of <site_url>