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Record changes made to a field

Question asked by Philippa Grover on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by Dmytro Chupylka

Hi everyone,

I have a request from a client, which I don't know how to implement.

They want to be able to report on changes made to a certain field. I am aware that there is an on-going enhancement request for reporting on the audit log, but I need a more immediate resolution.

They have a multi-select field on Accounts called "Rate Card". They need a list each month of any Accounts where this field has changed, and display the old and new value.

I started working through the logic, and created a workflow to tick a box when someone changes this field. However, I cannot get it to copy the content of the previous "Rate Card" to a custom field.

They are using Sugar Pro, v8.1 hosted in the Sugar Cloud.


Any help would be gratefully received!

Thank you,