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How to upgrade environment through automation script from sugarcrmEnt7720 to sugarcrmEnt8?

Question asked by Bhavesh Patel on Sep 21, 2018

Hey folk,


I need some suggestion.


One of our client using sugarEnt7720 and they are planing for upgrade sugarEnt8.

They restricted internet connection on their network due to security reason. Now we need to upgrade environment of their system(PHP,Apache,MySQL,ElasticSearch) using offline installer binary packages in RedHAT OS.


Can you provide any suggestion to upgrade the environment through offline?


Do you think installing the binary packages directly is best approach of upgrading environment insted of installing from cloud repository?


Also provide me any proposal on how SUGAR handle in such situation to upgrade environment.


Matt Marum Alex Nassi Francesca Shiekh 


Thanks & Regards