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On-premise questions

Question asked by Frank Bruno on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Francesca Shiekh

Greetings -  Few questions about on-premise solution so that I can become a bit educated:

  1. I was only able to find the on-premise page when i searched in Google.  It seems that Sugar does not want to promote this deployment option when users come to their site.  How accurate is this assumption?
  2. In on-premise deployment based on this page (On-Demand, Cloud-Based or On-Premise CRM Software | SugarCRM ) it says "customers can heavily customize their Sugar deployment through access to the Sugar source code, database, and every layer in the technology stack", if customer is allowed to change the source code, then how would they update their source code whenever a new sugar version comes out?
  3. When sugar releases a new version, will the on-premise deployments get automatically updated or it needs to be triggered based on the customer's admin team? 
  4. How would sugar provide support for their on-premise deployments?  They have login access to each on-premise deployment?!
  5. From another post, I learned that on-premise is also subscription base.  So, what would happen if client does not pay anymore?  the on-premise deployment would stop working?

thanks in advance