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Can I build a custom currency field that displays the previous Unit Price on a Quoted Line Item?

Question asked by Corey Tutewiler on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Dmytro Chupylka

I'm working to automate the approval process for renewal quotes and invoices at my organization. One of the issues I'm running into is pricing verification. Pricing for an individual product at our company can vary for a number of reasons, which complicates approval automation.


I'm trying to find a way to compare the Unit Price currency field on Quoted Line Items with the Unit Price for the same product on the previous "Closed Won" Quote for the customer. My idea was to create a calculated field that would display the most recent Unit Price for a given product across all Closed Won Quotes for a given customer.


In other words, if a customer purchased Product A in 2017 for $2 (which has its own Quoted Line Item on the 2017 Quote), when I create a Quoted Line Item for Product A on a renewal Quote for this customer in 2018, can I have a calculated field that automatically displays the previously quoted Unit Price of $2 for that product?


I considered creating a custom field for each of our products, then using a Process Definition to automatically update the value of that field when Quotes are Closed Won, but I would like to avoid this given the amount of products we have. I would like to accomplish this using only calculated field(s) if possible.