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Workflows - triggered by specific Subject in Record

Question asked by Lennart Gebauer on Sep 12, 2018
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i have a question about workflows.


In my case we have a case-system, a case/ticket is opened after a email comes in.

The subject of the E-Mail is encoded by the topic/reason/problem the person got.


for example #1#2#3#4#123456789


the point is, i can create workflows for the 4 first digits because they just have a few different roles.

but the last long number is a specific id of the customer/person.


as far as i know it ist just possible to create a workflow with a defined value in a field - not a part of the value.


that means it would be necessary to create a workflow for every specific id - am i right?


is there another way?

would be really helpful to fill out the cases/tickets with the information in the email subject without doing it by hand.


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