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Is there a way to monitoring mobile errors?

Question asked by Felippe Junger on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Felippe Junger

Hello guys,


We are planning to rollout the SugarCrm project to a client soon. The application will have more then 500 users connected using a custom mobile app, with sdk version, on the streets around the country, in Brazil. So, we have some questions:


  • Today, do you have any way to monitoring mobile errors? Logins unsuccessfull, offline errors, general exceptions...
    If yes, how it works? Is this information stored on device or it is send via email, slack message ...?
  • Is there a way to know if the user logged on to the system was logged through the mobile app or using desktop version? Accessing the table tracker_sessions we get some data like who did loggin, when, but not the client (mobile or base).
  • Is there a way to get some device information like, model, manufacturer and etc?