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List view layouts VS personal customised layouts

Question asked by sonesay inthavong on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Junaid Usman

Hi All


I work on a few instances i.e local dev, test, production and we change layouts often. I find it kind of annoying I need to redo these layouts on each instance separately for the list view but that's fine as it's not my main problem. My main problem is when I make a layout change for list view for a module it doesn't seem to update as I've customised my list layout i.e dragging columns around.


How do I force my personalised view to reset to the defined layout list view in studio layouts? Is there a table in the database where my personal customised list views are saved that way I can easily transfer it across different instances?


Also there is a layout problem I've noticed with the list view. Sometimes when making changes to the view I'm not sure if in studio or the module list view it becomes funny. Some columns seem to stretch wider than its title and content. Has anyone else noticed this?