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Data Security / Encryption

Question asked by frinaldi on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Michael Joyner

Dear all,


Many of my customers (SugarCRM 7.x or 8.x Pro or Ent) ask us what is the best question to secure SugarCRM data.

Of course, we recommended the main "standards" security options (role/team for end user, VPN access, HTTPS, restricted access to database etc.).


But, the "new" question is more to also secure the database content itself ; is there any standard solution to easily encrypt the database content but let SugarCRM work without restriction.


We know that we could created "encrypted" field inside SugarCRM but the target is more a global database encryption.


It should be a weird question but I'm not a system security expert, so I am open to all your suggestions or experiments.


Kind regards,