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Dashlets searchfields

Question asked by Tibor Eles on Aug 22, 2018

I have the following task: add lead_source field to the MyLeads Dashlet.

The main issue is that i am only able to add by the studio.


If i add the lines to the

costume/modules/Leads/Dashlets/ file for the searchFields

   $dashletData['MyLeadsDashlet']['searchFields']='lead_source'=>array('default' => ''),

in costume/modles/Leads/Dashlets/MyleadsDashlet.php:
i include the costume file:

At the front side there is no change in the Dashlet,no lead source field appear.

I do quick repair,also i try to save and deploy in the studio.


What i am missing?How is possible to implement additional field to dashlet from code?


Thanks in advance.