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App built with SDK doesn't launch beyond splash screen

Question asked by Rolf Poser on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by MURTAZA TOHFAFAROSH

Hello All


I'm having an issue building the iOS app using the SDK - all seems to build and deploy successfully, but when I start the app, it doesn't go beyond the splash screen. 


Looking at the console logs in more details on the device (connected to a Mac) I could see that the app unsuccessfully tries to call a service on "localhost":


https://localhost:8081/<some path>/www/html/index.html


Doing the same with an app that deploys and runs fine as built with MACS starts by going to a file like this 


file://<some system path>/www/html/index.html 


Am I missing some setting to ensure that it is being built for deployment (I did use "-s store") ?


Any hints would be greatly appreciated.