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Customized standard field changed?

Question asked by Bob Schumann on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Harald Kuske

I have modified a standard SugarCRM field in Opportunities.  It is the Amount field, and I have changed from a RollupConditionalSum to a RollupSum. 


Over the weekend, it appears that the formula reverted back to the standard formula.  Could this have happened with a version update?


On Friday, I also reset the forecast settings.  I had a time period of 'Invalid' and we were getting error messages of no valid time period.  I navigated to (where ""  to reset the forecast settings.  Is is possible that this reset the formula in the Amount field?


I am working now, but I would like to know what happened.  If SugarCRM is going to overwrite my formula on updates, I will have to make a custom field.  Any help or suggestion is appreciated.