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subpanel "create note" doesn't function through https

Question asked by Erik Verschuuren on Aug 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by Erik Verschuuren

Dear Forum,


Recently I have upgraded my SugarCRM server to support HTTPS and it caused some of the SugarCRM functionality to stop functioning. When opening the CRM through HTTP (which I opened up again), there are no problems.


When using one CRM the "Create Note and Attachement" subpanel didn't open as usual, but opened in a full window on its own, without the usual GUI. One can edit the fields, but not safe them. When cancelling out of the window the page that returns is the general "Notes"-tab, not the contact that where the activity started. In the "Notes" tab, new notes can be created and attached to the Contact.


Can anyone guide me on how to solve this issue?


My server is running multiple instances of version 6.5.26, on an Ubuntu 14.04, PHP 5.3.29 server. The instances are approached by individual virtual host names on a single domain name. HTTPS is managed through a wild-card certificate and fully tested by the certificate supplier.


Looking forward to hear,


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