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Best Practice for Archiving Emails

Question asked by MissyBrooks on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by Rolustech Support

Checking our Emails Module, users have archived 57,000 emails. It appears they include other users on the email when sending to sugar on demand, who often don't realize that email exists under their contact / email sub-panel,  so they save the email outside Sugar as well.


1. How many records is too many? 57,000 sounds like we are there.


2. We have an account in Sugar for our own company - and our users are listed there as contacts. Is this a bad idea? This was done at one time to pull our users into Marketing blasts...


3. Best practice for these examples?


  • Several emails are sent back and forth until a resolution is met, and the email is archived each time. How can this be cleaned out, or better yet - captured and archived without redundancy?
  • User wants to reply to Contact and archive the email under the Contact / Account record. The User want to cc: Billing and Sales, without it appearing under their Contact / Email sub-panel.
  • User wants to archive an email from a contact to the Contact / Account record, without sending to the contact. 


We are using (Pro), preparing for upgrade to hosted Enterprise (8.1)

Thanks for any advice!