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How do I add multiple relationship fields without duplicating subpanels?

Question asked by Michael Spangler on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Michael Spangler

I am looking to have the Calls module be able to always relate to an Account. That way when viewing an Account you have the ability to see all calls related to it but also still have the calls relate to an opportunity or other module. I want to accomplish this by putting an Account Relationship relate field within the Calls record view. Currently the Call record view has a "Related To" field which does allow me to choose the parent_type as Account but if the parent_type is set for opportunity then you won't be able to view the call in the Account screen despite the call being made to that account. 


I looked at the Notes module as an example for what I want. The Notes module allows for two relationships: one to a contact and one to any other module (including contacts a second time). If I set a Note to relate to a specific contact in both those fields, the note will still only be displayed once on the Contact record. It does not create two Notes subpanels for both relationships. 


When I try to recreate this functionality, I will see two Calls subpanels under each Account record. 


Any insight you have into this issue would be greatly appreciated. I am having a very hard time finding any documentation on these "Related To" fields. I can find info on Flex Relate fields but those are not the same.


Thank you