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Need to fix Sales Stage problem

Question asked by Tom Repetti on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Tom Repetti

Full disclosure, this is a problem that we created….

Our 2 final sales stages (both Stage 7) were ‘Closed Lost’ and ‘Closed Won’.  A request came in to rename the Won one to ‘Order Processed’ which was done using the following steps:

1 – A new dropdown item was added with both an Item Name and Display Label of ‘Order Processed’

2 – A mass update was done to the Opportunity records to change Closed Won to Order Processed

3 – The original ‘Closed Won’ item on the dropdown was deleted.


Now certain filters and reports stopped working, so the first thing that was done was to change Display Label of the ‘Order Processed’ item to ‘Stage 7 – 100% Closed Won’.  That didn’t have any impact on the problem, so the original Closed Won record was re-added to the list with a Display Label of ‘Stage 7 - 100% Closed Won’.

…and we have chaos.

Since the original request was purely cosmetic, I want to return to the original state.  I think reversing the original steps will return things to normal.  Specifically:

1 – Mass update all Opportunity records that are ‘Order Processed’ to ‘Closed Won’

2 – Delete the ‘Order Processed’ item from the dropdown.


Feels simple to me, but want to toss it up for review before I deepen our dilemma.


Anyone see any flaws in this?