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Email bean replace the FROM

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Jeroen Somhorst

Hi all,


currently I have an after relationship add logic hook that hooks into the inboundemail functionality. When a case is created out of an e-mail I need to parse that e-mail to get specified information from it. Lets say that in the body an extra e-mail adres is specified by the sender. 

I already got the code to retrieve that specified e-mail adres but I'm stuck at adding that e-mail adres to the from of the original e-mail. From some research I noticed that the email does have an 'from' relationship.


I can't seem to add extra e-mail adresses to it. If I call the 'replace' method the code crashes ( because I test this currently using a cron dont know exactly why. ) Is there a way for developers to replace the from relationship ?