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Admin panel extension file not rebuilding 8.0.0

Question asked by ted moriello on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by ted moriello

I developed a package for 7.11 and my admin panel extension links were working just fine on my development box.  By the time I installed the package, the on demand instance had upgraded to 8.0.  It feels as though the admin panel links extension file is not rebuilding even during a QRR.  MY custom admin panel links just wont appear on demand on 8.0.0..


I even tried installing a package to add my copy of administration.ext.php to custom/modules/Administration/ext/Administration and then downloaded the custom folder from Diagnostic tools.  It even had 2 copies of the same file name (which isnt supposed to be possible).  I've found a trick in the past to rebuild a file where i install a file through module loader with the same name (like this one) and then uninstall the package.  You arent SUPPOSED to be able to delete files on-demand without putting in a ticket, but you can if you install a package with a file of the same name and then remove it.  Dangerous if done wrong, genius if done correctly.  


Here is my code that works on my development box 7.11 but wont work ondemand 8.0.0.



$admin_option_defs = array();

$admin_option_defs['Administration']['ExportSalesmanFinder'] = array( 'ExportSalesmanFinder', 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_EXPORT', 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_EXPORT_DESCRIPTION', 'parent.SUGAR.App.router.navigate("#bwc/index.php?module=SF1_SalesmanFinder&action=export_salesman_finder", {trigger: true})' );

$admin_option_defs['Administration']['TruncateSalesmanFinder'] = array( 'TruncateSalesmanFinder', 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_TRUNCATE', 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_TRUNCATE_DESCRIPTION', 'parent.SUGAR.App.router.navigate("#bwc/index.php?module=SF1_SalesmanFinder&action=truncate_salesmanfinder", {trigger: true})' );

$admin_group_header[] = array( 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_GROUP', '', false, $admin_option_defs, 'LBL_SALESMANFINDER_GROUP_DESCRIPTION');