Change Name Default Textfield to Dropdownfield and dont have access to the records

Discussion created by LA ARR on Jul 25, 2018
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Hope you can help me

Recently made a customization that was to convert the namefield of a custom module, that is Textfield by default to a dropdownfield. Everything was ok, even create a new record on that module.

The problem is when i see the listview of the module, can see the records but dont have access to them, what is wrong? i forget to include some code?


This is the code i used:

// created: 2018-07-25 23:29:15
$dictionary['A_ADN']['fields']['name']['full_text_search']=array (
'enabled' => true,
'boost' => '1.55',
'searchable' => true,
$dictionary['A_ADN']['fields']['name']['type'] = 'enum';
$dictionary['A_ADN']['fields']['name']['options'] = 'adn_list';