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Attributes.metadata missing in SugarCRM 8.0.0

Question asked by magarenzo on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by magarenzo

If you examine Sugar using Chrome's DevTools, you'll see that there are many attributes under App.controller.layout.model.attributes, one of those being metadata.


If you examine Sugar 8.0.0 the same way, there are much less attributes available and metadata is missing.


We have a custom filter button that relies heavily on App.controller.layout.model.attributes.metadata to construct a map of the dashlets on any given page. Specifically, we use App.controller.layout.model.attributes.metadata.components[0].rows.


Is there another way we can reach this data (components[0].rows) without attributes.metadata being reachable anymore? Or is there another way to get a list of the dashlets on a given dashboard?