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Model don't save on record action

Question asked by Felippe Junger on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Eugene Bychkov

Hello Guys, I'm with this problem:

I have a custom record action on Meetings module. This action get the current device location, after that the start_date and a boolean custom field are modified, I do a save in the current model the detail view look like ok this the fields changes, but if I reload the detailview or enter on editview, change anything and save, the fields changed on record action back to the old values.


Could someone help me with this?
Sdk version:


Checkin action:

    name    : 'check-in',
    types   : ['toolbar'],
    modules : ['Meetings'],
    label   : 'Check-in',
    iconKey : 'sorting.checked',
    handler : handler,
    rank    : 0,
    stateHandlers: {
        // Implement: for example, check if the record has enough information to make a checkout.
        isEnabled(view, model) {
            return !model.get('sng_checkin_realizado_c') && model.get('status') != 'realizada' && model.get('status') != 'Not Held';

checkin handler function:


function handler(view, model) {


    function onGetLocation(position, status) {

        _criaCheckIn(position, model, status);

updating the meeting model:

function _atualizaInicioVisita(model){

    let camposSave = ['sng_checkin_realizado_c'];

        model.set('date_start', moment().format());

    model.set('sng_checkin_realizado_c', true);, { fields: camposSave });