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REST API - $not_equals filters return incorrect results

Question asked by Scott Timmons on Jun 27, 2018

I am connecting to the endpoint /rest/v10/Teams/filter with this POST data:




This is incorrectly returning a single valued response with a record where the name equals Charles:




In fact, the response is identical to a request with $equals. This is SugarCRM Cloud so it should be the latest version.


Additionally, if I alter the request slightly to include the fields attribute, I get a different result:


Request: {"filter":[{"$and":[{"name":{"$not_equals":"Charles"}}]}],"max_num":"1000","fields":"description,name"}

Response: {"next_offset":-1,"records":[{"id":"5ce35834-04d6-11e8-b3cc-02b6c8b587a1","name":"Charles James",...


Notice this is the exact same record as before, as indicated by the ID, but the value for Name is different.  Additionally, this is the only record returned even though there are ~20 Teams for the account.