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Can I share page info as PDF ?

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Dmytro Chupylka

Hello everyone,


This will appear as a strange question to a lot of people but here it is : Can I quickly share a record's information as PDF ? 


In order to get the general idea, let me briefly explain why we'd need that functionality or something similar. 


Our sales rep are the only one who can access SugarCRM. Therefore, when they close a deal, they use SugarCRM to fill-in all the information related to the opportunity they just closed with the client. However, the sales rep are not the ones taking care of the work afterwards but our engineers (which do not have access to SugarCRM). The process we have right now is quite cumbersome and forces us to duplicate efforts : 

1. Sales Rep fill-in SugarCRM

2. Sales Rep has to inform Engineer A that a mission has been assigned to him

3. Sales Rep has to send the history behind the signature to Engineer A for Engineer A to start working


Unfortunately, as easy as it seems, our Sales rep sometimes close multiple deals at the same time and it happens that a client is left on the side of the road because a Sales rep simply forgot to email Engineer A/B or C about a closed deal. It's human, it happens. but it makes us look bad as it should be.


As our Engineers do not have access to Sugar, they can't go in there and check for themselves so we are dependent on the fact our Sales rep should always be on top of things and always send an email to our production team in parallel of inputing the information into SugarCRM. 


I then thought about this : in SugarCRM, under the create/edit button in some modules, you have a "share" option. it would be great, once the Sales rep finished completing an "Opportunity" page in SugarCRM, to share it with the related Engineer as PDF. This would solve most of our problems :

1. Sales Rep would fill his duty by inputting info in SugarCRM

2. With one click, all the relevant info would be shared with the right production staff without requiring an additional login


In terms of workflow, here's what I envision : 

1. After saving, the Sales rep would hit "Share"

2. A PDF displaying the Opportunity's info would be generated and attached to an email

3. Choose the recipient and hit send and done

No need to export anything, no need for additional login, no need to copy/paste some info from sugar to an email = time saved. 


However, right now SugarCRM seems to only share a link to the record. Which is useless as the production team does not have access to SugarCRM...


Here it is, you have it. Any suggestions or workarounds are more than welcome if no such functionality exists so far. 


I'm on SugarCRM 8.0 without any access to the backend (we have a provider who doesn't let us play with code) so Studio and/or Workflows are our only option so far (unless we wish to pay a crazy amount for a specific customization)


Thanks in advance for your possible help