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Create opportunities bug, will only work if browser is certain width.

Question asked by Zacahary Fast on Jun 19, 2018

cant interact with text fields/buttons under the opportunities tab unless browser is set to certain width. Related javascript errors below. Have tried numerous repair options for this. Any thoughts?


logger.js:136 FATAL[2018-6-19 15:49:7]: Script error. at  on line 0
write @ logger.js:136
log @ logger.js:369
fatal @ logger.js:273
handleUnhandledError @ error.js:372
window.onerror @ error.js:473
VM36:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of undefined
    at (eval at module.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:2:12412)
    at n.<anonymous> (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1618)
    at eval (eval at module.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:5:1507)
    at Function.eval [as findIndex] (eval at module.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:5:354)
    at Function.m.find.m.detect (eval at module.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:5:2701)
    at n.getPaneWidth (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1618)
    at n._getParentLayoutWidth (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1279)
    at n._getParentLayoutWidth (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1280)
    at n.setContainerWidth (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1279)
    at n.adjustHeaderpane (components_f6702d181b663dd1faff49ec31dda531.js:1279)