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How do I add a group team to a quoted line item?

Question asked by Nigel Kerby on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Brett Zufelt

Not sure if Im just missing something simple here, but our Sugar instance (7.9.2 enterprise) is setup with two different teams using the instance. Whenever users from 'team one' create a new record, the record is assigned 'team one' and the same goes for team two.  


This means that team one users can only see team one records etc. We've just started using the quotes module and Ive just realised that whenever a quoted line item is created, for some reason it assigns the default quoted line item team 'Global' as well as the private team of the user.  The problem is we dont use the 'global' team anywhere in our system so if a record is assigned 'global' team, then regular users wont see that record as it's only designed for them to see their team's record. 


Currently all the modules work fine in that if a user creates a new contact or account etc, then the corresponding team is assigned to that record.  But for some reason, that setup is not working for the quoted line item module. Does anyone know how I can make sure that if a new record is created in that module that the team assigned to the record is the team of that user and not 'global'?