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Customize Advanced Workflow settings pop-up

Question asked by Brian Hearn on Jun 27, 2018



I was hoping I could get some insight on how to leverage a specific piece of functionality with the custom advanced workflow.


I was following the example from UnCon 2016 Advanced Workflow Deep Dive-

and I want to customize the Settings pop up form for a custom action as seen in the screen shot below:




For this Uncon 2016 example seen above they have disabled this pop up form in the code below:




Looking through the source code I think the modal pop ups are coming from the SugarCRM core pmse\activity.js file but I can’t find any direction on how to extend it to create my own form and pass values the end user types in (in the AWF designer) as parameters to your custom action function. 


Any tutorials or examples on how to achieve this?


Thank so much!