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Adding indices to large database tables for OD customers

Question asked by Chad Hutchins on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Chad Hutchins

Hello, we run the SugarChimp integration. We have lots of customers who actively use it in the on-demand environment. One of our tables gets really large with normal usage. We need to add an extra index to this table to help speed certain queries up.


My worry is if we add the new indices to a new package release, the install will fail because of the time needed to reindex the table and possibly hurt the database integrity.


Do you know if this type of query would be subject to any timeout rules when installing the new package via module loader? Or would it run until it is complete?


Do you have any suggestions for how to manage this transition?


Because of the number of mutual clients on OD and using SugarChimp, it'd be awesome if we could coordinate something for this to make it work seamlessly for everyone. It would be much simpler if direct re-index queries could be run on specific OD instances.