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How can I stop populating tasks name in relatedTo field when open a create tasks drawer from 'Edit view'?

Question asked by himakumar k on Jun 12, 2018

If I try to create a task from Task record edit view using 'create task' option the relatedTo field is getting populate the task name but I don't want to populate task name in relatedTo field.

following way I did the fix 


if(this.model.get("parent_type") == 'Tasks') {
    this.model.set("parent_type", 'Contacts');
    this.model.set("parent_name", '');
    this.model.set("parent_id", '');

above code overrides relatedTo field after populating data but I want to fix it before doing override i.e I want to know root of this issue.

How can I do it?