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Unable to login after upgrading to SugarCRM ver 8.0.0 Pro

Question asked by Sheikh Rahat Ali on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Francesca Shiekh

I have updated a SugarCRM instance from 6.5.14 PRO to 8.0.0 PRO using silent upgrades. Every thing works fine and instace gets updated to ver 8.0.0 successfully. But after upgrade i have a strange issue of getting logedin into the Sugar 8.0.0 using my administrator account.


When i try to get log in Sugar gives me a message of Invalid Credntials and in sugarcrm log also only writes that user login attempt failed. In php log there is no message regarding any type of failure.


I have also tried to add these parameters in config_override file but it dosen't work in either way:

$sugar_config['passwordHash']['allowLegacy'] = true;
$sugar_config['passwordHash']['rehash'] = false;

If i replace the password of my administrator account in users table with the password of administrator account available in the users table of a standard 8.0.0 instance then SugarCRM let me logged in in my upgraded instance.


Any idea how to update the passwords or add any parameters in config to solve this login failure problem in my upgraded instance.