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Add relate an image field to another module

Question asked by Rodrigo Sanchez on Jun 4, 2018

Currently i'm working with a SugarCRM Profesional 8.0 instance. Said instances has the following modules:

I have The "Budget" Module (a personalization of Opportunities module), next we have the "Revenue Lines" module (a personalization of Products module) and last but not least we have a "Venues" module which is a fully custom made module.


Eache module relates to one another in the following manner:

Each New Budget can hold many Revenue Lines.

Each Revenue Line can have only ONE Venue related to it.


¿So far so good?


Ok, so here's the Deal.


Every Venue has his own map (you know like the ones on the ticket selling pages like ticketmaster) so, what i'm having trouble with is the fac that we need that every time a new revenue line is being created, we have to dinamically load the map of the venue selected by the user. And after that we have to draw them on a PDF file.


By now,  we have the usual pdfmanager package to import the relationships between "Budgets" (Opportunities) and "Revenue Lines" (Products) so, I need any anyideas you have on how can I achieve the needed relationship for the venue maps.


Thanks in advance.


PS: Attachment lasty try, which is currently 100% non-functional