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How can I integrate with external auth service?

Question asked by Andrey Uymin on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by André Lopes

Hello Everyone.


I have an external authentication system. This system creates cookies when user logs in.
If I don’t have cookies I need to redirect user to this system before logging in to SugarCRM otherwise I take cookies and make a request to another system for validation. If validation is successful I need to authentication user in SugarCRM. I know user_name and user_hash. How can I authentication user with this data ?
Am I right that I need to change the logic in the "authenticateUser" method in include/api/RestService.php ?


Now I have this:

- SugarCRM 8 Enterprise
- I send flag about redirect in response from RestService (include/api/RestService.php, execute)
- I changed method _render in file clients/base/views/login/login.js (check my custom flag and redirect to external system. After login system redirect me back to CRM)


Many Thanks