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Need help with an installation error for the outlook plugin 2.5.0. 

Question asked by John Poucher on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by John Poucher

After the upgrade to version 8 of our On-Demand Sugar instance, our old MS Outlook plugin was unable to connect to our instance.  I read somewhere that we needed to download the newest version of the plugin to fix this issue.  After downloading version 2.5.0 and running the installer, it brings up an error message saying it cant find a supported version of Outlook on my computer.  It then only allows me to close the installation wizard.  I have tried this on every one of my sales reps computers to make sure it wasn't just my machine.  I have confirmed that my version of MS Outlook (2016 32 bit) is a supported version.  Anyone else having this issue?  If so, any suggestions on how to fix?