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What do you use as Learning and Development indicators?

Question asked by john mckenzie on Jun 1, 2018

Hi All,


After a couple of years of using our CRM we have been through a period of development. As part of this process and our review of systems, we have decided to 'relaunch' the crm with an SMT supported learning and development programme.


I would be interested to hear of any approaches others have take, and any tools/templates you have used.


The other area that i'd like to develop my thinking is what indicator do others monitor around the use of the system. I confess i haven't got to grips with tracker yet, but on the face of it, it seems to provide data around the system aspects of the crm, rather than its use. We are a charity and use our crm  for tracking our relationships with key stakeholders.


Anyone developed their approach to user KPIs?


Kind regards john