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Create report based on created field

Discussion created by Lorenzo Giacalone on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by B_Canales

Hello All, I'm trying to create a simple report based off of a couple user created fields. Hoping someone can help.


We have created fields for "Contacted" and "Call Held" (don't judge the naming, was quick and will be changed later). Basically, we're trying to see the following:

   Of the 740 accounts, how many have been contacted. I thought it would be simple enough but when I want a pie    chart showing Contacted vs. Not Contacted (accounts with checkbox filled in vs those without), it wants some other    field in there (such as all the sum, avg, max, etc.).


I really just want to create a report that says Of the 740 accounts, X-amount have this check box you've created checked. 56/740 or something like that along with a quick visual pie chart. As it is, I have to take the data, export into an excel file with all the extra formulas I need. 


Thanks in advance!