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What level of customization is avaiable in Sugar 8.0 on-demand?

Question asked by Maciej Widomski on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Maciej Widomski

Hi Sugar Developer Team! 


I am running my Sugar 8.0 on-demand Enterprise license and I am wondering what level of customization can be achieved in this SaaS service. 


I started using Studio, adding custom fields, modifying formulas etc according to our needs. I got to the point, where I need to override a default Sugar behavior and I got stuck. 


One of the behaviors I would like to change is to prevent copying the values from Likely to best and worst on a RLI save event (see Prevent Likely Copied To Worst And Best in RLI ). 

André Lopes suggests to write a custom module and override the values. However, I am not sure if this is doable in on-demand version, as I don't have an access to underlying PHP files. I don't even see the classes or methods, mentioned in this post, so I cannot analyze the code that I am supposed to change. 


Can anyone please help me to understand what I can or cannot do? If this type of customization is doable via i.e. Module Builder, could you please let me know where to start and how to get the code I need to customize?


As this is becoming urgent for me and my team, I will appreciate any help/support from you, which can result in pushing things into the right direction