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Further discount applied to quote level after subtotal and tax ?

Question asked by Ron Lesh on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Ron Lesh

Hey guys,


I am sure some one must have thought about the same thing but not sure if anyone had actually done it before.  In fact, I remembered when i was in sugarcon 2016 in San Francisco, some one from sugar had demonstrated the this feature. that you can have option to apply further discount after subtotal. Similar as the surcharge. except the further discount is going to deduct the total amount of course. Unfortunately, when quotes module finally converted to use new sidecar framkwork, i did not see this feature get released.


i have a concept of client credit. which i would like to apply to a quote after subtotal and tax. the grant total section in the quote should looks like this:


It should be a field in quote module and could be dynamically assigned with value.


Anyone can give some help how to do it? thanks a lot.


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