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Best Practices Sales Cycle for B2C Business

Question asked by Charles Rosen on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2020 by Tony Romano

Getting started migrating our inhouse "crm" to Sugar for a cosmetic skincare office

Currently using excel and outlook + paper files.


Im very confident Sugar can be modified to fit our needs but im having a bit of difficulty understanding how to create the correct workflow for B2C to ensure minimal issues later.


We primarily serve customers directly so the "Accounts" module is giving me some trouble.


1) Typically a prospective patient will either call us, email us or use the contact us form on the website = Lead

2) After the lead is entered our staff would contact them and ask them to complete a basic info form + photos  - Im currently calling this a Lead Conversion to Contact


3) From here we would create a CASE for a staff member to review the Contact information/photos and provide estimated costs and treatment plan


I think using the Case module would in step 3 by accessing the Contact module full of documents or person photos but the part that i dont understand is how the Accounts module fits into the picture. It seems we cannot have a Case without referencing some existing Account -- is that correct?


We are B2C so not sure how to treat a customer (person) as an Account.. maybe its just the term itself. not sure.


After the Case is completed it would become an Opportunity and if the patient comes in for treatment then the opportunity is won.


My question is really how can i make these modules flow seamlessly ( 360 view) while maintaining the same Lead and information accessible/related to each other in the different stages.


Thank you for any and all help!