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Define separators of MultiSelect field values

Question asked by Nicolas A on May 16, 2018

Hi All


Using 7.x on-demand instance of SugarCRM (updating soon), I'm asking if I can somehow manipulate the pre-defined comma as output separators for multi-select field values. In my case, I would like to report the values of a multi-select field within an automated process email. For that reason, I built an email template that outputs the stored values coming from the leads directory: {::Leads::multi_select_c::}


Now, what happens if a user selects multiple values the mail templates outputs the values separated by simple commas as follows: 



multi_select_c Value 1, multi_select_c Value 2, multi_select_c Value 3



However, for a better overview, I would like to define separators as decent breaks. Alternatively, it would help if one could trigger certain values for output e.g. {::Leads::multi_select_c_ONLY VALUE 1::}


I know it seems like a minor detail but would help in a lot of cases when it comes to properly display multi-select values.


Best regards