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ic for value in cCalculated textfield on Contact module not working with related custom module

Question asked by Masood Alikhan on May 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by B_Canales

Hi, All:


I am attempting the following Sugar Logic to populate a field on the contact module depending on the related record selected from the custom module Insurance BIN:

ifElse(equal(related($ins_insurancebin_contacts,"stopservice_bool_c"),true),"DO NOT FILL","READY").


This always gives me "READY", no matter what the value of stopservice_bool_c is (checkbox).  I attempted to just equate the insurancename_txt to the calculated field, with no better luck:



However, I use a out-of-box module to populate the field, things work as expected.


Does anyone have any idea why a calculated field does not work with custom module but works fine with built-in modules?