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Question asked by Janin Dancause on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Sundar Kumar

I'm trying to create a custom filter between two module. The filter should show only related record on calls module for numbers of record from a contact. I have try to do it with the guideline with sugar about that but that doesn't work. I am not sure why it doesn't work. In the module Calls I have a field name polices_c who is a related to the module PO_Police.


It imply three modules Contacts, Calls and a Custom one polices.


I have three files 




$mod_strings['LBL_filterDropDownPolice'] = 'Polices';




$viewdefs["PO_Polices"]["base"]["filter"]["basic"]["filters"][] = array(
'id' => 'filterDropDownPolice',
'name' => 'LBL_filterDropDownPolice',
'filter_definition' => array(
'po_polices_contacts' => array(
'$contains' => array(),
'editable' => true,
'is_template' => true,





6 =>
array (
'name' => 'polices_c',
'studio' => 'visible',
'label' => 'LBL_POLICES',
'initial_filter' => 'filterDropDownPolice',
'initial_filter_label' => 'LBL_filterDropDownPolice',
'filter_relate' => array(
'editable' => true,
'is_template' => true,

7 =>